Flipboard 2.5 wish list ( updated )

Flipboard 2.0 is already way ahead of its competition, but in case they do manage to catch up, this is my wish list for version 2.5 :-) 

  1. Make discovering user made Flipboard magazines easier, scrap the “By Our Readers” section ( it has served it’s purpose ) and replace it with a “Discover” tab, allow users to select category and see New, Trending and Popular magazines.
  2. Reduce the number of official Flipboard magazines and sections, sit back, relax and let your users handle it. We are ready for it, trust us to build a great and active community. 
  3. Spend the time you gain to build strong relationships with even more independent blog sites, but don’t offer them automated magazines, they have to be responsible for maintaining the magazine. 
  4. Improve the social aspects of the app, split the notification section in comments, reflips, subscribers & suggestions.
  5. Make it possible to send articles as suggestions to other users.
  6. Make it possible to share other magazines in one of our own, add a Flip it button on the cover page and show it as an article.
  7. Flipboard is the best Flickr browser available, but you have to negotiate a better deal, we want to see more than 5 pages. 
  8. Make a private magazine of all the posts we’ve liked on Flipboard. 
  9. Add page numbers to the web based editor.
  10. Add the ability to drag multiple articles in the editor.
  11. Make a Flip it button for blogs, convince major tech sites like engadget to replace the Stumble button, nobody uses it. 
  12. Make new magazines private by default and show the number of private magazines in the profile.
  13. Add an interactive tutorial magazine ( private ) to the profile of every new user. 
  14. Show date of last activity on the cover.
  15. Show an alert when flipping duplicate content. 

Feel free to comment on this article and share your ideas and opinions.